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Starcraft 2: GSL Season 2 Tournament Finals Set 6 of 7

Tournament Finals BoxeR vs NesTea Set 6 of 7 This is game 6 of 7, in the Global Starcraft 2 League, featuring BoxeR versus NesTea. Boxer is known for being great at micro, where NesTea is great at Macro. Which

Final Fantasy XIV: Local Levequests & Basics to Crafting

In FFXIV local levequests are a great way to level crafting and earn some money while doing so. This post covers the basics of how local levequests work, and a few tricks.

WoW Cataclysm: Talent Changes for Priests and how they apply

written by TJSonntag Talents and builds in Cataclysm are working a little differently from what we've grown used to since vanilla. WoW Priest builds for Cataclysm trim away the filler talents, leaving the most useful and interesting selections.