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Starcraft 2 – Video Strategy: Protoss – 3 Gate Robo

This strategy, is economy heavy. It's not good for early game, so you will need to scout the heck out of the enemy, to know if they are going for the early push. It's best used for mid-late game play.

For Our American Friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Starcraft: Lego Brick Rush

This is easily one of the most original rushes I have seen to date. I would love to see this in a tournament. If someone were to do this, I have no doubt that the enemy, no matter which race

Starcraft 2: Proper Banshee Use – Banshee Into Thor + Video

General Idea As you work up to a quick Banshee you are going to want to use Marines and Hellions as early defense. The threat of a Baneling bust is very real so be sure to check for a Baneling