Daily Archives: 26 November 2010

Allods Online: Double XP

Not a cheat nor exploit, simply a bit of news which was passed on to me. Allods Online, is having a double experience week. Not sure when it was kicked off, but it expires on Dec 1st. Since it normally

Starcraft 2: Beat All 7 Insane AIs In FFA – Strategy

Basically, there's two ways to do this easily. You can either use Terran or Protoss with this strategy. If you are a Zerg player, you can try Protoss to do it, or try to apply the steps, as best you

Diablo 3: Arena Match Video Preview

Here's a video, from the Blizzcon 2010 event, featuring play by play commentary for the Arena 2v2 match system. Looks to be a lot like WoW Arena matches, with a lot less abilities, and similar skills. I really wonder if

Warhammer Online: Nordenwatch Summary & Strategies

Nordenwatch is a Tier 1 Realm vs. Realm (RvR) scenario in Warhammer Online. "This scenario takes place in the critical beachhead of Nordenwatch. The battle rages around the Lighthouse, Barracks, and Fortress. Take and hold these objectives while killing any