Daily Archives: 27 November 2010

Get around phone queue’s which are “Full”

I wanted to order some game codes online, but it seemed to be locked, and I was having technical difficulties on the site. So I decided to call phone support. Phone support, was "FULL" and would not accept new calls.

Exploring 4.0.3a The Shattering

This is just s small exploration video showing some of the new places, or places that you can go to in 4.0.3.

Fly in Azeroth on Ghost Mount – Patch 3.0.5

1. Get yourself killed outside of a new zone 2. Run into new zone as ghost and get teleported back to graveyard. You will not be on flying mount 3. Hover over dead body and resurrect, you can now fly

World of Warcraft: Level 85 Worgen/Goblin 5-7 days after Cata

written by Spitt This isn't really an exploit per se more of a game mechanics cheat. It's based on some news that I recently discovered while perusing the net for more posts. This will allow you to have a Level

Quick Tip: Keeping your computer on for long periods of time

I normally keep my computer on, for a week at a time. I like to put it to sleep at night, move the mouse and have it start up instantly in the morning. I hate waiting for that 10 minute

Zerg Mutalisk Rush

Mutalisks's are some of my favorite units, so I play this strategy a quite a bit. I eventually got good enough to school just about anyone with this one. This is one of the standard builds for Zerg on air and