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Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 1, Match 2

Here's Match 2, of the Starcraft 2's Season 1 Gaming League's Finals. FruitDealer Vs. Hope Torture. Video courtesy of GomTV.net. How good do you have to be, to be in the finals? You have to pass through 7 rounds, paring

Lotro: Ways to earn Turbine Points

written by Greg Fike Earning Turbine Points are a simple but time consuming process. It requires patience and dedication. There are a few ways to achieve this and they are all done via deeds.This article will cover the ways to

Starcraft 2: HMVD Terran guide

This opening establishes map control and opens opportunities for harassment with Hellions followed by Vikings. It protects against pushes with a wall and early Hellions and Marauders. Midgame involves a strong drop at the Zerg natural followed by a transition