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Starcraft 2: How to micro, when you are good at macro

written by Taerix Some of you might be good at macroing/economy, but how do you micro at the same time? This guide, will hopefully answer some of that.

World of Tanks Info sheet

game synopsis from: http://game.worldoftanks.com/about What genre does World of Tanks belong to? World of Tanks is a huge mixture of multiple genres. First of all this is a global-scale MMO action game. Besides, there’s a combination of other genres, which

World of Tanks: Day 7 – Tips and Strategies

I got to thinking about some of the strategies, I have learned within the game. Learning them, has helped me immensely. I have decided to share some of them with my VIP members. I am sure that you could learn

World of Tanks: How to farm silver faster

This is a simple trick which will allow you to farm it faster then normal.  Obviously, this isn't for those who plan on buying gold and converting it to silver, it's for those who wish to make silver faster, without