Daily Archives: 9 December 2010

Free Information, Stop Internet Censorship

While I can hardly support what the owner of Wikileaks did, to instigate the take down of PayPal.com, Mastercard.com, and Visa.com yesterday, I can't support the law that Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is trying to push, which will allow a stepping stone,

EVE Online: Frigate Fleet Fitting Using the Hydra Principle

Introduction A frigate fleet is not simply a blob of people in frigates. Blobs are disorganized, often poorly fitted mess of ships that rely on sheer numbers to win. This is a mistake in judgment made by many and repeated

Allods: Ever Shifting PvP Maze

I was reading the newsletter, and while I don't play Allods, I thought to myself, that Allods is actually pushing the barrier a little. They have created an ever shifting PvP maze, which will make it next to impossible for

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm 450-525 Blacksmithing Guide

This is the Blacksmithing Guide, for WoW: Cataclysm. It will teach you the quickest, cheapest way to max out your Blacksmithing from 450-525. We’ll tell you where to train, what to train, who to train with, which recipes to buy, and