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FF14: Game Guides Pack

This particular archive has 3 new guides; a Gil Guide, Class Guide, and Strategy Guide for Final Fantasy 14. It's everything you need to know about how to level up quickly and painlessly in the game. This guide began being

Starcraft 2: Leaked 2nd Chapter Ending Cinematic

A clip, purportedly of the ending for "Heart of the Swarm," the under-development second chapter of StarCraft II, leaked out earlier today. The video's since been taken down. We're not sure if it's legitimate, but spoiler alert, just in case. The

WoW: Quick Gold Farming – Rare Pets

As we all know the Shattering has happened and a lot of things are no longer as they were. One thing which some may not know is the fact that some (very valuable) Vanity Pets have changed as far as who