Daily Archives: 19 December 2010

Starcraft 2: Zerg Guide – How and Why to use Creep

A Zerg’s Creep is one on the most underrated parts of the Zerg game. However it produces a large advantage with the Zerg player that can’t be overlooked, specifically within the higher-level diamond ladders.

World of Tanks: Free Limited Edition Valentine Tank

I thought this was kind of interesting. When you sign up for beta, through Shattered Crystal, they give you a free Valentine tank. This tank, is going to carry over into the game, when the game is released from Beta.

Final Fantasy XIV: Understanding the Class and Job System

In Final Fantasy XIV, classes can change at any time. Each class is defined by equipped items. These may be bought with FFXIV Gil or given as quest rewards. To switch jobs in-game, one must be in possession of a