Daily Archives: 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas for all our European Friends who are celebrating it today. We have lowered our VIP rates for the rest of the holiday season! Come Join and become a VIP member at these reduced rates!

EVE Online: Basic Overview to obtaining ISK

Eve Online players need isk to make sure they can get the ships and weapons they need. There are a few legal and not-so-legal ways to get lots of currency in CCP's popular online space mmorpg.

Starcraft 2: Play Free Legally… sort of

Sort of, in the sense that it's a demo, not the full game. It has come to our attention, that Blizzard is now offering a Starcraft 2 demo. The download is about 1.5gb, and the space needed is about 2.2gb.

Starcraft 2: How to play on Custom Maps

StarCraft 2 custom maps just make the game even more exciting. Before StarCraft 2 was even officially released, Blizzard was already 'on the ball' by releasing the StarCraft 2 Map Editor. This meant that when StarCraft 2 came online, there