EVE Online: Basic Overview to obtaining ISK

Eve Online players need isk to make sure they can get the ships and weapons they need. There are a few legal and not-so-legal ways to get lots of currency in CCP's popular online space mmorpg. Continue reading "EVE Online: Basic Overview to obtaining ISK"

Starcraft 2: Play Free Legally… sort of

Sort of, in the sense that it's a demo, not the full game.

It has come to our attention, that Blizzard is now offering a Starcraft 2 demo. The download is about 1.5gb, and the space needed is about 2.2gb. If you have been wanting to try the game, without paying for it, nor becoming a pirate, here's how you can.

Just enter your information, and then download the client. Note that the program to download is a torrent program, so if your ISP hates torrent, get ready to explain to them, it's a demo, lol.


Starcraft 2: How to play on Custom Maps

StarCraft 2 custom maps just make the game even more exciting. Before StarCraft 2 was even officially released, Blizzard was already 'on the ball' by releasing the StarCraft 2 Map Editor. This meant that when StarCraft 2 came online, there was already a ton of custom maps to choose from and play, for both single players and also mutliplay.

The StarCraft 2 Map Editor is extremely comprehensive. Not only are you able to create customized game modes, you can even basically create a totally new game that has a foundation in StarCraft 2. Interested in a game of Terran Tetris? Continue reading "Starcraft 2: How to play on Custom Maps"