Daily Archives: 30 December 2010

Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 3, Match 6 of 7

Match 6 of 7 for Starcraft 2's Season 3 Gaming League's Finals. TSL_Rain (Terran) Vs. oGsMC (Protoss). Video courtesy of GomTV.net. Only 1 more match after this. If you want to pick up more strategies, be sure to keep checking back here for more replays, and

Starcraft 2: Offline Skirmish pack

This simply as stated, allows you to play SC2 offline, with this Skirmish Pack. There are 100 included maps (and you can easily add more). Follow the simple directions inside the rar file to install this program.

Rift: Closed Beta first look

I managed to get into a 3 day, closed beta event. It started on Tuesday, and ends on Friday. So far, I am impressed! It is however, a lot like Warhammer. The rifts are basically group events which happen often.

World of Warcraft: Last Chance to unBan trick

Having lost my account to a stupid mistake (forgot to restart WoW, after using hack on private server), I was really upset. I didn't cheat on the official server I insisted. Heck I was only logged in, for 10 minutes