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How to Multibox with VMWare, without the game client knowing

If you want to run a second client, and for some reason the client can tell when you are running the second client in a VMWare or similar sandbox, then you need to do a little editing of your settings.

Runes of Magic: How to Texture Edit (skin) + Tools

Textures are tiles with some image that are printed onto the surface of graphic models. Graphics are based on textures, models and programs using them. Editing textures is completely harmless since everything is client side, not server side (only viewable by

Starcraft 2: Strengths and Weaknesses of Zerg Support Units

written by Leo Lambert If you have been playing the game of Starcraft 2, then you are every familiar with the Starcraft 2 Zerg Support Units. Support units are themselves not major units but are used to support offensive units during battle. Each

EVE Online: PVP COVOPS Required Reading

The EVE cluster is a dangerous place. It is also very big. Because of this, any well planned military operation needs to be able to answer some fundamental questions: Who is my enemy? Where is my enemy? What is my

Starcraft 2: The Ghost, the Raven and the Medivac

written by Leo Lambert There are 3 mighty Starcraft 2 Terran Support Units that every Starcraft 2 Terran player should know. These will help you make an increase in the Terran win cycle when used correctly. The support units are used to

World of Warcraft: Keep the Jetstream effect, till you die

This is a server side glitch, which will show for everyone, including you. It will give you the Jetstream effect  from the Four Winds, until you die. It even works if you log out and in again. Really, this has

Rift Exploration Find: Circle of Dancing Squirrels

At 4902, 4655 near Granite Falls, there is a unlit torch with some squirrels nearby. If you approach the unlit torch, it will light, and the squirrels will do a dance for you. Also, while exploring near the falls, if

Rift: Why you should do Collections

In Rift, we have the option to collect these little sparkly things off the ground. They might be books, pages of a book, a troll's Toenail, a holy artifact or any number of things. If you click on one, it

World of Warcraft: Bypass Mob Bosses with Engineering exploit

This exploit is only for Engineers with at least 375 Engineering, who are Goblins (Rocket Jump). It will allow you to bypass mob bosses in instances or out in the open, but it does take a little bit of practice

Rift: 2 Most Requested Classes

Like most games, the fun and easy to level characters are some sort of DPS, but when it comes down to actually doing Raids and taking on Rifts, the most requested class, is still the Tank, and Healer. Since it's

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Pick-Pocketing Spot, for Rogues

In the Twilight Highlands you receive a quest from the Red Dragonflight called Far From the Nest, in which you must stop Twilight Abductors from stealing their eggs. Killing these mobs leaves no loot, however you can pick pocket them

Rift: Death Tricks

This is a simple trick which will allow you to scout your enemies, be they mobs or PvP persons. The first requirement... death

World of Warcraft: How to Farm Stonecore Drake Mount Solo

This guide teaches you to farm the Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake, in Stonecore. Each run, should take about 15 minutes total. With a level 85, you should also be able to score this solo, however if you are a weaker

Starcraft 2: Terran Marauder 10 Barracks Build

We are now going to cover a real aggressive Terran build order for all the Terran players out there. This Starcraft 2 Terran Tactic works real well against Protoss players, but can also be effective against Zerg. Basically its real

Starcraft 2: Zerg Baneling Bust, Build Order

Banelings are great for killing light units and taking out enemy choke points to stop any of your rush attempts. If you are facing a Terran player and you wish to rush then I recommend a Banelings to clear the

Lotro Reputation chart

To help a friend earn the World Renown deed, he asked me about a chart showing the barter items so I made this cobbled together from wikis and the lorebook: Maybe it could someone else...... To further help my

Call of Duty: About the Black Ops Domination Guide

< Today, many people have been exposed and their passion revealed for playing Black Ops. There are way too many things that you have to keep in mind so that you are able to successfully play it and will not

Rift: How to Raid as a Ranger/Marksman

written by God from the rift forums This will be a short guide on how to raid as a Ranger/MM. This play-style focuses on heavy ranged physical damage and the utility of your pet. This build is meant strictly for

Allods Online: Sealed Lands Cheat

In order to enable the cheat mode just should just simply press "Enter" whilst in the mission and type #Chicken. Then press "Enter" again. You can now type in one of the relevant codes - just be sure to press

World of Tanks: The Benefits of a Stock Heavy Tank

I think that there are still many who don't realize what the main benefit of one of these tanks is. It's hard to put into words, to all the people who have raised their levels the traditional way, of getting into a

Rift Beta Event + Keys, for 50 of my closest friends

If you have wanted to play in Rift, to try out the game, here are a couple keys, which will help 50 people to get into the beta this coming Tuesday through Friday. Hope I see you there... 7EK7-H9CM-RELC-D9WH-KC2P REMK-QZ27-3ZXL-L693-R6TX