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Starcraft 2: Mothership Rush, Build Order

If the enemy gets this... (s)he wins, no way around it. I saw this in a tournament, and the Protoss won. The other guy wasn't expecting this at all! It's one of the reasons you need to heavily scout AND

Video: RealmCrafter NPC interaction

I have a friend, who every once in a while, shoots me a video link, to show me something regarding Realm Crafter. Realm Crafter, is a tool to make your own mmo. Unfortunately, the software makes for games which look

WoW: In Game Guides Updated – Horde/Alliance – Leveling, Dungeon, Daily, More

Suffice it to say, these are some in-game leveling guides for World of Warcraft which might otherwise cost you upwards of $90 each. You will find leveling guides for Cataclysm Horde and Alliance, Profession Guides, Dailies Guides, Dungeon Guides, &