Daily Archives: 28 January 2011

World of Warcraft: Keep the Jetstream effect, till you die

This is a server side glitch, which will show for everyone, including you. It will give you the Jetstream effect  from the Four Winds, until you die. It even works if you log out and in again. Really, this has

Rift Exploration Find: Circle of Dancing Squirrels

At 4902, 4655 near Granite Falls, there is a unlit torch with some squirrels nearby. If you approach the unlit torch, it will light, and the squirrels will do a dance for you. Also, while exploring near the falls, if

Rift: Why you should do Collections

In Rift, we have the option to collect these little sparkly things off the ground. They might be books, pages of a book, a troll's Toenail, a holy artifact or any number of things. If you click on one, it