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Blizzard Pressures PayPal, to remove shopping carts from sites which sell WoW services

In a bold move, which PayPal has caved into, Blizzard is attempting to force to close many many sites which sell World of Warcraft gold, accounts, and leveling services. On Monday of this week PayPal sent out letters which basically

Runescape Dungeoneering: Guide to Monsters that May Be Encountered

Written by Ethan Rose Monsters play a vital role in dungeoneering - often times they must be killed to proceed in the dungeon, costing time and resources. They also make the dungeon a much more dangerous place. Monsters tend to hit

WoW: WSG Battlegrounds Hiding Spot Alliance/Horde

While this works for both Alliance and Horde, it's much much easier on Alliance.  This is also great for if you have a capped flag lead on the opposing team and only a few minutes left in the game because

Internet going down… again

Having to cancel my internet again, sorry will not have any new posts for a couple days.

Starcraft 2: Roach Opener ZvZ: Preventing Surrounds

written by By Dennis Duhamel If your opponent opens with Speedling and Banelings, getting Roaches can be a very strong counter. Be sure to try to avoid getting surrounded by the Zerglings though, use terrain to your advantage.

Starcraft 2: Zerg-Zerg 2v2 Cooperative Team Strategies

written by TeamLiquid Generally speaking when opponents see a ZZ team they will be expecting something ridiculously cheesy like a double 6 pool rush, which gives you the potential to play a more econ friendly build (14 Gas 14 Pool)

DC Universe Online, See the Game Trailer

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the launch of DC universe Online! Hopefully, you've already pre-ordered

World of Tanks: Invincibility Exploit?

I haven't really gotten the chance to completely test this, so I do not know for sure if this works against all tanks. In this case, I was using a light tank, against another light tank, and it couldn't hurt

EVE Online: Roid Ripper v3 – free macro miner

As the lead developer so graciously informed me, Roid Ripper was recently updated to version 3, from Version 2. Roid Ripper is a free to use macro miner tool, which will automate your mining for you. It's features are as

World of Tanks: Hiding Spot for High Powered Guns, Himmelsdorf

I love this spot I found. It's perfect for those enemy rushes, but because of the spot, it's best used for medium and heavy tanks, with high powered guns, maybe even an artillery :D. There is no wiggle room, so

Starcraft 2: Mothership Rush, Build Order

If the enemy gets this... (s)he wins, no way around it. I saw this in a tournament, and the Protoss won. The other guy wasn't expecting this at all! It's one of the reasons you need to heavily scout AND

Video: RealmCrafter NPC interaction

I have a friend, who every once in a while, shoots me a video link, to show me something regarding Realm Crafter. Realm Crafter, is a tool to make your own mmo. Unfortunately, the software makes for games which look

WoW: In Game Guides Updated – Horde/Alliance – Leveling, Dungeon, Daily, More

Suffice it to say, these are some in-game leveling guides for World of Warcraft which might otherwise cost you upwards of $90 each. You will find leveling guides for Cataclysm Horde and Alliance, Profession Guides, Dailies Guides, Dungeon Guides, &

World of Tanks: Run 2 or more instances at the same time

I am not sure if anyone wants to do this, nor if there is a use for this, while in beta, but I am sharing how to run 2 or more instances of World of Tanks, at the same time.

Tool: Video Recording Software, Free to download

Once in a while we come across a piece of software that every gamer should have. Hopefully, we even find one which is free and works well. This is one of those occasions. This is a screen-capture software which will also capture sound.

World of Warcraft: Level 80-85 in a few hours, exploit

Not sure when this will be fixed, so getting it out today, for everyone to know. You can level 80-85 in a number of hours, rather then days. I do not know all of the specifics, only where you need

Starcraft 2: Need a Guide? Buy Joana’s – $8

This is a tip, simply because Joana's author is having a sale. He's selling his Starcraft II guide for a super low price, of only $8. I am not sure why it's so low, nor how long it will last,

Starcraft 2: Replay Aggregator (spider/search engine)

If you're a Starcraft II junky, and love watching replays, to learn the better and newest ideas and strategies, then you're going to want to see the newest and latest replays. This is where an aggregator site comes in. Replayspider,

Spitt’s Internet Downtime

I want to apologize to our faithful readers who noticed a slight downtime on posts. I moved from California to Nevada, and have not had internet till recently. I won't get into the full horror story of our move, only

WoW: Overpowered twinks

Overpowered twinks 2 shot enemy players and mobs It's all about the right Items. Most people don't know that you can get cataclysm items before level 80. If you look through the Action House, you can get some and use

Lotro Lookout New Years Edition

A few things found around the forums..... tribaldragon72's Full Radiance Gear Comparisons by Class - Burglar Sets - Captain Sets - Champion Sets - Guardian Sets - Hunter Sets - Lore-Master Sets -