Daily Archives: 4 February 2011

Rift: Exploring Made Easier

If you plan to do some exploring in Telara, there is a racial skill which will make this extremely easy. The Bahmi have a special racial ability which is quite amazing, called Mighty Leap.

Lotro Lookout: The SUPER edition

Looks like this will be a SUPER weekend at Lotro, most of the extras seem to be as a payback/compensation for the Sunday January 30, 2011 downtime and the rollback that the fix entailed... Found some info, laughs, and an

Starcraft 2: Learning how to Micro and Macro, Zerg

If you want to become a fantastic Starcraft 2 Zerg player, it will help tremendously if you will also try playing other races to learn their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. In short, get to know your enemies and learn their