Daily Archives: 5 February 2011

Rift: Completing Collections Easier

I have so many unfinished collections, it's amazing! But here's a tip, which will help you, when the game goes live, to properly and quickly complete each collection of artifacts much quicker. It's really simple,

Rift: Beta RANT aimed at former WoW players

For all you peeps who keep saying.. they copied this from WoW or that from WoW... just remember that Warcraft copied Warhammer, the tabletop game. The achievement/title awards were actually copied from Warhammer Online... Realm versus Realm (Horde vs Alliance),

World of Tanks: Pet Peeves and Tips regarding Artillery play

First off, let me assure you this isn't just flaming one side of the argument. I am flaming both Artillery know-it-alls and those who have never played artillery and think they are all noobs. I am also going to tell