Rift: Building your Character, in Advance

Knowing what you want, when you want it, ahead of time, will help you to maximize your character's potential. Here we list a Talent Calculator. Talent Calculators are handy and allow you to plan and see which skills you will get. They allow you to futz around with them, till you find your perfect build, offline. The benefit of doing it offline, is not worrying about being PKed or attacked by a mob, while you are in your Talent Trees. Continue reading "Rift: Building your Character, in Advance"

Starcraft 2: 4 Tips to Strengthen Your Protoss Base

If you have been playing Starcraft 2, and looking for Protoss tactics, you will soon find out that getting a mighty head start early on will put you at a much greater advantage against your opponent(s). Getting a good head start includes building a strong and solid base. This base is known as your Protoss build orders. How you build your base is crucial and as a Protoss player, you will need a skillfully planned Protoss strategy.

In this Protoss guide, let us get to know some very important Protoss tips and techniques that will move you forward into the game quickly. Continue reading "Starcraft 2: 4 Tips to Strengthen Your Protoss Base"

Runes of Magic: Legends of Taboria Handcrafted BookGiveaway

Buy Game & Time Codes Delivered to your emailThis is just a notice, letting you know that Shattered Crystal, working with Runes of Magic, is giving away Hand Crafted Legend's of Taboria "books". Really these things are more like Treasure Chests of really cool items. If you want one, you do not need to be a player of Runes of Magic, as they are giving away a free entry on Shattered Crystal. However if you want more then one entry, you will need to buy "diamonds" for Runes of Magic. To increase your chances to win, we recommend buying 100 at a time, to get more entries.

  • 1 Entry = Free.
  • 2 Entries = $5.

You can see the video of all the goodies in the book by going to Shattered Crystal.

Good Luck!

Rift: Over Powered Cleric Build

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com

I have leveled thus far to 31. The OP DPS Build seems to be Cabalist, Sentinel, Druid. I am able to solo 2-4 same level mobs, healing and AOE killing at the same. This is not a Main Healing class, as it's a pain in the arse to level a straight Healer without constantly relying on groups. On the other hand, this DPS build is fairly kick ass as a solo leveler. Continue reading "Rift: Over Powered Cleric Build"