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Starcraft 2: Liberation Day Walkthrough

written by Shokz In your first mission you start off as the Rebel Commander Jim Raynor and a group of 5 rag-tag Marines. Your objective in this mission is to locate and destroy the Logistics Headquarters and free the citizens

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Starcraft 2: Shift Command Tip

Tip Courtesy of Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide An extremely useful skill that is important to master is the art of Shift clicking. With a unit selected, multiple orders can be used in succession (or “queued up”) by holding Shift while clicking the mouse

Starcraft 2: GomTV Code S Finals MKV vs MVP Match 1 of 7, TvT

This is the Code S Finals MarineKingPrime.WE vs iMMVP, from GomTV's website. Starcraft 2 Battle 1 of 7, Terran versus Terran (TvT). If you want to learn how to play better, it's always best to watch pro's, to see how