Daily Archives: 8 February 2011

Starcraft 2: Streaming Live Korean Diamond Player

I just found this, thought it was pretty cool... only problem is it's in Korean. However if you want to watch a live Starcraft 2 match, between Diamond players, this is still a pretty good way to watch, and learn.

Call of Duty-Black Ops: Weapons Guide

written by Nighthand In this Black Ops guide, we cover weapons. Your weapon does a lot to determine your playstyle. Whether you choose a fast-moving fast-firing SMG, or the slower-moving higher-power LMGs, or split the difference with the assault rifles, it

Starcraft 2: GomTV Code S Finals MKV vs MVP Match 2 of 7, TvT

This is the Code S Finals MarineKingPrime.WE vs iMMVP, from GomTV's website. Starcraft 2 Battle 2 of 7, Terran versus Terran (TvT). If you want to learn how to play better, it's always best to watch pro's, to see how