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Original EQ come back for free 10 days

Former Players, Play For FREE From February 10th to February 21st http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?start=0&topic_id=173402 How can I install Everquest? http://www.paullynch.org/tnzfaq/?page_id=358 Wow, they had a free period during the House of Thule launch, but I missed it, wierd how I got an email

World of Warcraft Guide: Pit Lord Argaloth

Pit Lord Argaloth is the first and only boss currently in Baradin Hold. Where whichever faction controls Tol Barad has access to this boss. This is similar to Vault of Archavon (VOA) from WLK.  This is a pretty easy fight, as long as