Rift: Ascended – Low Level Endless Spawn

For the Ascended, there is a low level spot good for levels 3-7 to level quickly. This spot is even better, as there is a NPC nearby which will help you to kill the endless mobs. To get the XP/Loot, you will need to hit each mob first, but after they attack the NPC. Continue reading "Rift: Ascended – Low Level Endless Spawn"

Starcraft 2: 2011 GSL Code A Semi-Finals Match 2 of 7

This is the Second of Seven matches for the Code A Finals, for the Global Starcraft 2 League on GomTV. This is the battle for the lesser players (not yet Code S), but they still battle for money. The Match is oGsTOP (Terran) vs ZeNEXByun (Terran) Continue reading "Starcraft 2: 2011 GSL Code A Semi-Finals Match 2 of 7"

Starcraft 2: Hot Key Guide

Written by Shokz

Before you play your first match you need to know one thing. If you ever want to play Starcraft 2 at a high level, possibly even Diamond League, you must understand and learn your hot keys. Players who use hot keys will have an advantage over their opponent in both the Macro and Micro game providing them with much quicker unit control and base construction.

How effectively you use hot keys is what will set you apart from most players, and while learning hot keys at first may be a little difficult after using them for 10+ games it will start to become second nature. Continue reading "Starcraft 2: Hot Key Guide"