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Rift: Ascended – Low Level Endless Spawn

For the Ascended, there is a low level spot good for levels 3-7 to level quickly. This spot is even better, as there is a NPC nearby which will help you to kill the endless mobs. To get the XP/Loot,

Starcraft 2: 2011 GSL Code A Semi-Finals Match 2 of 7

This is the Second of Seven matches for the Code A Finals, for the Global Starcraft 2 League on GomTV. This is the battle for the lesser players (not yet Code S), but they still battle for money. The Match

Starcraft 2: Hot Key Guide

Written by Shokz Before you play your first match you need to know one thing. If you ever want to play Starcraft 2 at a high level, possibly even Diamond League, you must understand and learn your hot keys. Players