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Final Fantasy XIV: Thaumaturge Leveling Guide

Thaumaturge: Disciple of Magic. By enfeebling enemies and enhancing allies, thaumaturgy can prove to be an invaluable asset, particularly in battles of attrition. Introduction I started creating this guide many months ago and it was originally created in April 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Anti-Botting Tech = Easy Game Hacks

I found this article kind of interesting, because it's discussing the UI lag, within the game and the problems with it. However using the information garnered, it might actually be possible to create a dupe program. This is the holy

Blackmoon’s Newbie Guide to Bot Programming (kinda sorta)

written by Blackmoon Okay, so this isn't probably the guide you are hoping for. It's not going to tell you HOW to make a bot, rather it will give some advice from a newbie like me about my trials trying