Daily Archives: 19 February 2011

FFXIV: Free to use Crafting Bot

This is a crafting pixel-bot, for FF14, which is based on Auto-It. For now, it is free to use, and fairly self explanatory, however I would expect that this will become pay to use, once it's perfected.

Rift: Rare Item Vendor

In the Ardent Glade, there is a vendor who sells 12 and 14 slot bags. What makes this a great find? When the game is first released, bags of this type will be selling for more money then some people

Starcraft 2: Hotkeys List

If you read our recent post about using hotkeys in Starcraft 2, then this is a great follow up, and will teach you all the keys you need to know, to better micro. Using hotkeys is essential for playing against