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Rift: Puzzle of the Mysterious Plaques Secret Revealed!

In an earlier post, we mentioned these mysterious plaques, and that we couldn't figure out what they were for, other then they transport you randomly around towers. Well, it turns out, it isn't so random, and that it's actually a

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Build & Play a Mage

written by unknown So apparently, I get a lot of /tells complimenting me about being a good mage so I figured that I'll share sort of how I play as a one. Please excuse this long and detailed explanation. Most

Aion: Elyos & Asmodian Leveling 1-50, Class, Crafting Guides

It seems that a couple leveling guides are now available for both the Elyos and Asmodian, which are for 1-50 leveling. These are actually professionally written guides which were made to be sold. They include check lists and directions on