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Rift: Possible PvP hiding spot, in enemy towns

I am not really sure if this would work well or not, but it's a little hiding spot I found, which can be used to hide or even go afk, from the enemy on PvP Servers.

President’s Day Sale At Direct2Drive

It seems that is having a 20% off sale, now though Tuesday. Pickup any game for 20% off, just use their coupon code "hailtothechief" to get the discount. This means you can save on Rift, DC Universe Online, or

StarWars Galaxy: Entertainer/Trader 1-90 Leveling Hack

This is a leveling hack, which will allow you to level 1-90 in less then 2 hours on your Entertainer or Trader. For obvious reasons, this should be done in private, not in a public place, where people can watch

Rift: Point of Interest in Silverwood for Guardians

At 6415, 3154 there is a "Mysterious Plaque". If you click on it, it will take you to the top of a tower. Clicking on any Mysterious Plaque, will port you to another place, but again high up on a

Rift: PvP Trick on Raid Members, for PvE Servers

This is a really nasty trick, which I was told about in the Chat Channels. I don't have all the information on it, but thought it was rather interesting. On a PvE server

FFXIV: Free to use Crafting Bot

This is a crafting pixel-bot, for FF14, which is based on Auto-It. For now, it is free to use, and fairly self explanatory, however I would expect that this will become pay to use, once it's perfected.

Rift: Rare Item Vendor

In the Ardent Glade, there is a vendor who sells 12 and 14 slot bags. What makes this a great find? When the game is first released, bags of this type will be selling for more money then some people

Starcraft 2: Hotkeys List

If you read our recent post about using hotkeys in Starcraft 2, then this is a great follow up, and will teach you all the keys you need to know, to better micro. Using hotkeys is essential for playing against

Final Fantasy XIV: Better Windower Utility

This is a small utility which will allow you to use Windowed mode, without gaining DirectX error messages, nor crashes from User Account Control, not anything else save driver crashes. You may also notice a slight increase in speed, while

How To: Overclocking Guide

Overclocking can boost your computer's performance significantly, and if you're careful not to push your equipment too far, the only cost is your time. If you haphazardly crank up all your settings, however, you may indeed end up paying for

Final Fantasy XIV: Thaumaturge Leveling Guide

Thaumaturge: Disciple of Magic. By enfeebling enemies and enhancing allies, thaumaturgy can prove to be an invaluable asset, particularly in battles of attrition. Introduction I started creating this guide many months ago and it was originally created in April 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Anti-Botting Tech = Easy Game Hacks

I found this article kind of interesting, because it's discussing the UI lag, within the game and the problems with it. However using the information garnered, it might actually be possible to create a dupe program. This is the holy

Blackmoon’s Newbie Guide to Bot Programming (kinda sorta)

written by Blackmoon Okay, so this isn't probably the guide you are hoping for. It's not going to tell you HOW to make a bot, rather it will give some advice from a newbie like me about my trials trying

League of Legends: Hotkeys

When playing a realtime strategy game like League of Legends, using hotkeys is imperative to win. Players who use hotkeys can respond more quickly then those who don't. There is no wasted time on moving the mouse to and fro

Rift: Ascended – Low Level Endless Spawn

For the Ascended, there is a low level spot good for levels 3-7 to level quickly. This spot is even better, as there is a NPC nearby which will help you to kill the endless mobs. To get the XP/Loot,

Starcraft 2: 2011 GSL Code A Semi-Finals Match 2 of 7

This is the Second of Seven matches for the Code A Finals, for the Global Starcraft 2 League on GomTV. This is the battle for the lesser players (not yet Code S), but they still battle for money. The Match

Starcraft 2: Hot Key Guide

Written by Shokz Before you play your first match you need to know one thing. If you ever want to play Starcraft 2 at a high level, possibly even Diamond League, you must understand and learn your hot keys. Players

Playing RPG games on kindle/ipad/iphone/android/xptablet

kindle Choice of the Dragon (A Text-Based Adventure) put "Kindle Active Content" in the Amazon search box and there are currently four pages (about half with active table of contents only) with the 5

World of Warcraft: In Game Leveling & Dailies/Events Guides

VIP Members, can get these for free. These are 2 leveling guides which are well known, and another which claims to get peeps 1-85 in 5-8 days. These include leveling, dailies, events, and profession guides.