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Starcraft 2: TvZ – Countering Early Zerg Tricks and Rushes

Susceptibility to early game rushes is very common for a Starcraft 2 Terran player. The Zerg or Protoss may lose a few workers as a result of them being rushed; however you as Terran may end up losing the battle

World of Tanks: Developers to play WoT too

The team over at World of Tanks, said they plan to challenge players in open combat on April 1st. Some have said this will be an April Fool's Joke, others have stated that it's true. Either way, I want to

World of Tanks: The art of hiding and camouflage

Some people are really good at hiding, and it's an art to be sure. There are however some tips and tricks, which will make you a better hider, like the top playing tank destroyers out there which garner 4-7 kills

League of Legends: Alistar Guide

Be ready to Master Alistar the Minotaur in Leagues of Legends! Dominate your opponents with the good combinations of skill and the deadliest strategies!

Starcraft 2: Fundamental Macro Tips

Macro in Strategy games refers to the actions you take keeping the overall overview of the game in mind. Macros in Starcraft 2 is primarily the process of building an army. A good macro gameplay means you can efficiently manage

Runes of Magic: No Danger Zone, when swimming in open sea

This is a little trick, for Runes of Magic players, which will allow you to glitch yourself, and avoid the Danger Zone, allowing you to go anywhere in the map. If you go too far you will get the dreaded

World of Warcraft: Engineering Gold Trick – Make upto 5000 gold

Want to know a way to make an easy 5000g with engineering? Well first off, you are going to need a Wormhole Generator: Northrend. So obviously for this, you are going to need to be level 80 or higher.  This

Rift: Full Tier 1 or 2, in hours from Realm of the Fae expert

This is an Realm of the Fae expert mode exploit, which will allow you to gain a full set of Tier 1 or Tier 2 set of armor in a matter of hours, not days or even weeks. You will need

Rift: Overpowered Cleric Healer Build

The first thing you need to understand about this build, is that I did not create it. It was built by a friend of mine. He claimed he was able to level in 4 days with this build, to level

Rift: River of Souls 1.1 update coming soon

Trion has announced, that a new event will be coming along with patch 1.1, called River of Souls. This will be a mass endless invasion of undead rifts unleashed upon Telara. Best of all, as an incentive to play this

World of Tanks: Setting the Wounded Animal Trap

My son likes to play World of Tanks. You can even blame him for all the guides I have been writing lately. I tell him this, I tell him that... then realize I should be telling YOU this information as

Rift: Assisted Powerleveling – Level to 50 in a few days

This is a concept, which hasn't been completely tested, but I do not see a reason why it shouldn't work. It uses a little trick I found with my rogue a while back, which I didn't really find a use

Starcraft 2: ZvP Starvation Harassment strategy

How can a Zerg player counter Protoss? How can we win? Well the strategy is simple. We produce and gather more resources than the Protoss opponent. We use what's called a ‘Starvation Strategy’ on them. This then forces them to attack

EVE Online: WARNING – New Bot Detection

If you were using any type of bot, including an autominer, be warned that CCP has deployed a new bot detection software. We do not know the full details, other ten people ARE getting banned. We highly recommend you do

Rift: Anti-AFK and Spam Keys Tool

Anyone who knows what a pain it is, to take down world bosses, will love this app. It will allow you to press and hold an action button, rather then spamming it, and tiring out your fingers, for 10 minutes,

World of Warcraft: Best Cataclysm Embersilk farming spots

The best Embersilk farming spot in World of Warcraft, is in Tol Borad. I'm sure most of you guys have been here and have seen the cloth drops while doing the dailies here. The mobs are named Restless Soldiers and

Starcraft 2: ZvT – Infestor Domination Strategy

So here is another really good Starcraft 2 strategy that one might employ in a Zerg vs Terran game. Zerg's investor is a very powerful unit and can prove quite useful in a Zerg vs Terran match. This is because, Infestor

World of Tanks: Observation is King – a guide to visual cues

People are sometimes surprised when my little ol' light or medium tanks, takes out 2-5 tanks each battle. It's because of the visual cues, that I am able to do what I do. There are certain visual cues, which when

Lotro Lookout: Echoes of The Dead Instances / Shards

Couldn't think of a catchy title for this lookout edition (was thinking something along the lines of the Chardonnay Edition:)? to play on shards but...) My friends and I haven't done the new instances yet, to be honest it might

Dark Ages of Camelot: Invisible Character Game Hack

This is a game hack, which will allow you to turn your character invisible. This method works for any class that can be the Minotaur race.

Rift: Pixel Bot

This is a pixel bot, which I found at another site. It will auto target, attack mobs, auto loot, and auto heal. It's a VERY basic bot, which can't even do patrols yet. It can also clean your clipboard, so