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Rift: Telara Puzzles, Solutions, Cairns, & Chests

There are a few spots, in Telara, which are puzzles for you to solve. This guide covers 3 of the many Puzzles and Lootable Cairns and Chests in Telara. These are for those around Silverwood, Stonefield, and Lake of Solace.

Rift Report 3/1/11

For those who want to join me, I am playing on the server Aedraxis. However I have to warn you, it's already a full server. I play on the Defiant side. Yes, I know this is a PvE server. I

EVE Online: The Mother of ALL EVE Guides

This behemoth of an EVE online guide is over 175 pages long, and covers such subjects as How to get started, Fitting, Mining, Agents, Planetary Interaction, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Trading, Player-Owned Structures, Exploration, and 0.0 Space. The best news