Daily Archives: 2 March 2011

Rift: Get under Meridian

This is a exploit and can be used to get underneath Meridian. Perfect for PvP or exploring. It might also be useful in other areas. To do this, you need either Angelic Flight or Mighty Leap.

EVE Online: Required Reading – Ninja Salvaging

If you want to get a different perspective of EVE, more precisely at Ninja Salvaging, then this list is for you. They may write the same subject, but the styles of each of the writers are vastly different.

Rift: Warlock Double Cast AoE Exploit

This is a Warlock trick, that will allow you to Double Cast, on Area of Effect (AoE) attacks. It's highly mana intensive, but as a warlock, you should be able to regen the mana quickly. 2 DoTs (Damage Over Time)