Daily Archives: 11 March 2011

Stacraft 2 Campaign – Research and Upgrades

Here is a small guide for the Starcraft 2 campaign that explains some of the best ways to go about upgrading and researching the various tech routes.

FYI-> Echoes of the Dead coming on 21st March

Real short and sweet Echoes of the Dead coming on 21st March http://www.tentonhammer.com/lotro/features/playsession A few things kinmates have been doing to get ready raising the levels of weapons to 31 earning and converting medallions of Moria for tier 5 relics

Blizzard Entertainment 20th Anniversary

This week is Blizzard Entertainment's 20th Anniversary! Due to this, Blizzard has just released a special area for their 20 year anniversary. They have a great video explaining the history of the company and those that work for the company,

Rift: Find and Solve, the Puzzle at Scarlet Gorge

I think the hardest part about completing this puzzle, is just finding the darned thing. I went searching for this puzzle, at coords given, 3629, 2755 but it's not easy to find. This is because you really need