Daily Archives: 16 March 2011

Starcraft 2: Defending Against Harassment

written by Clare Al-Aufi Yesterday, we discussed how and why you need to understand harassment. Today, we are doing to go a bit further, and explain how you can defend against harassment, as well as know when you are being

World of Warcraft: Undermine Journal Snatch List

written by Sterling Erorus just implemented an import/export feature over at The Undermine Journal. Here's a snazzy snatch list. It consists of Sunwell rares, and a handful of very rare and/or valuable recipes. It's not the end-all snatch list, but it

Rift: Runic Decent – Rictus Trick

This is a trick which will help you to win the battle against Rictus, easier. As you may already know, the mob boss, will pull you in, and then you'll need to run like heck, to get out of range