Daily Archives: 17 March 2011

Did you use Rift Junkies’ Combat Parser?

If you used Rift Junkies Combat Parser... REMOVE THE PARSER - Change your RIFT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY AND Scan your computer with Avast AntiVirus!!! As it happens, their combat parser installation program was full of trojans and key loggers. Many MANY

Runes of Magic: How to Set Up RomBot Guide

This is a guide to help you both setup, as well as get the actual ROMBot program. It can be used to level, as well as to farm items, when properly setup. However you will need to learn a bit

Rift: Artifact Location List

While this list doesn't tell you exactly where the artifacts will spawn, it will tell you which region you need to be in. So if you don't want to camp the auction house, waiting on someone to post the last

Rift: Xerxes Leveling & Build Guide

First off, if you haven't checked out this guide yet, do so. It's a well thought out guide, which brings specific builds to Rift. Everything from Leveling, to PvE, to PvP builds, as well as different healing builds. It's a