Daily Archives: 20 March 2011

Starcraft 2: ZvP How to Counter Sentries

If you are playing a Zerg vs Protoss match, Sentries can give you a tough time. They can bring disaster for our Zergling army. These days people are increasingly using Sentries because of their skill to create walls. This allows

World of Tanks: Pet Peeves

I have some pet peeves. One of them is these guys who complain after losing a battle, stating that the team stinks. Or that "you should be doing this"... after they have died or anything else along those lines. I

Rift: Moonshade Highlands Puzzle Solution and Loot Locations

This is the guide for the Solution for the Puzzle in Moonshade Highlands, as well as how to get there, and any nearby Treasure Chests and Cairns. This puzzle, is actually really difficult to solo. I have seen 2 people