World of Tanks Finally Going Live!

It looks as though on April 12th, World of Tanks will be going live. This assumption, is based on their news, that you can pre-order gold, with a special ending as of April 12th. The gold, will be selling for $3.60 per 1000 gold. If you purchase 12,500 gold, they will give you a light tank. If you purchase 18,700 gold, they will give you a medium tank. If you purchase 25,000 gold, you can get a heavy tank for free. My personal choice would be the heavy or the medium, simply because being first to get a gold tank, will mean I would be able to hit tier 4 in 8-12 hours, and tier 5 in 12-24 hours of active play.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

Runescape: Adding Christmas Crackers to PI – Game Hack Tutorial

Credits to: Sokka for this hack tutorial

This will allow you to add Christmas Crackers to the game client. It takes a little basic text editing, which can be done in notepad, editplus, or a similar text only editor. Note, do not use wordpad or another document editor as it will add other characters and break the game and game hack.

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Rift: Extract images from .pak files

At the moment, it's possible to extract the files from the .pak files to get jpeg's, but it's not possible to actually do any model editing, nor repack them. So this is only for those who want to play with the files themselves. Continue reading "Rift: Extract images from .pak files"