Lotro Lookout: Echoes of The Dead Instances / Shards

Couldn't think of a catchy title for this lookout edition (was thinking something along the lines of the Chardonnay Edition:)? to play on shards but...)

My friends and I haven't done the new instances yet, to be honest it might be a struggle to get 6 "hard core types" to do the _6_ man* instances let alone the 12 man* raid

*Using man as in this definition: one of the players on a team

Most everyone spent a few days just messing with the new relics thing, then did the new book, I had to play catchup; and did book 2 and the new book 3 in one night took less than seven hours for both books including TWO HOURS wasted on one quest because I was waiting for a visual cue that I was "satisfied"...

The lotro-wiki.com links have the bosses listed, and when clicking on the boss name you can see a screenshot of Knowledge of the Lore-master which shows you the most efficient damage type against each mob, and their mitigations.

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Dark Ages of Camelot: Invisible Character Game Hack

This is a game hack, which will allow you to turn your character invisible. This method works for any class that can be the Minotaur race. Continue reading "Dark Ages of Camelot: Invisible Character Game Hack"

Rift: Pixel Bot

This is a pixel bot, which I found at another site. It will auto target, attack mobs, auto loot, and auto heal. It's a VERY basic bot, which can't even do patrols yet. It can also clean your clipboard, so that Trion can't see which sites you have been to. It will also keep you from going afk. Continue reading "Rift: Pixel Bot"