Daily Archives: 26 March 2011

World of Warcraft: Best Cataclysm Embersilk farming spots

The best Embersilk farming spot in World of Warcraft, is in Tol Borad. I'm sure most of you guys have been here and have seen the cloth drops while doing the dailies here. The mobs are named Restless Soldiers and

Starcraft 2: ZvT – Infestor Domination Strategy

So here is another really good Starcraft 2 strategy that one might employ in a Zerg vs Terran game. Zerg's investor is a very powerful unit and can prove quite useful in a Zerg vs Terran match. This is because, Infestor

World of Tanks: Observation is King – a guide to visual cues

People are sometimes surprised when my little ol' light or medium tanks, takes out 2-5 tanks each battle. It's because of the visual cues, that I am able to do what I do. There are certain visual cues, which when