Daily Archives: 27 March 2011

Rift: Assisted Powerleveling – Level to 50 in a few days

This is a concept, which hasn't been completely tested, but I do not see a reason why it shouldn't work. It uses a little trick I found with my rogue a while back, which I didn't really find a use

Starcraft 2: ZvP Starvation Harassment strategy

How can a Zerg player counter Protoss? How can we win? Well the strategy is simple. We produce and gather more resources than the Protoss opponent. We use what's called a ‘Starvation Strategy’ on them. This then forces them to attack

EVE Online: WARNING – New Bot Detection

If you were using any type of bot, including an autominer, be warned that CCP has deployed a new bot detection software. We do not know the full details, other ten people ARE getting banned. We highly recommend you do

Rift: Anti-AFK and Spam Keys Tool

Anyone who knows what a pain it is, to take down world bosses, will love this app. It will allow you to press and hold an action button, rather then spamming it, and tiring out your fingers, for 10 minutes,