Starcraft 2: Fundamental Macro Tips

Macro in Strategy games refers to the actions you take keeping the overall overview of the game in mind. Macros in Starcraft 2 is primarily the process of building an army. A good macro gameplay means you can efficiently manage the different “macro” factors of the game such as the build order, economy, expansions, expenses, offense, and group hot keys. Continue reading "Starcraft 2: Fundamental Macro Tips"

Runes of Magic: No Danger Zone, when swimming in open sea

This is a little trick, for Runes of Magic players, which will allow you to glitch yourself, and avoid the Danger Zone, allowing you to go anywhere in the map. If you go too far you will get the dreaded "Danger Zone" message on your screen. If the bar reaches a full 100%, your character will die, unless you do this trick. Continue reading "Runes of Magic: No Danger Zone, when swimming in open sea"