Starcraft 2: TvZ – Countering Early Zerg Tricks and Rushes

Susceptibility to early game rushes is very common for a Starcraft 2 Terran player. The Zerg or Protoss may lose a few workers as a result of them being rushed; however you as Terran may end up losing the battle if you are rushed upon by the enemies. An important Starcraft 2 strategy must be to protect the flimsy Marines with whatever resources are available to you in the early stages of the game. Continue reading "Starcraft 2: TvZ – Countering Early Zerg Tricks and Rushes"

World of Tanks: Developers to play WoT too

The team over at World of Tanks, said they plan to challenge players in open combat on April 1st. Some have said this will be an April Fool's Joke, others have stated that it's true. Either way, I want to remind our players that the Dev's day starts at 4pm PST, March 31. So if you want to see if they are actually playing, log in, after 4pm PST on Thursday, but before Friday April 1st, 4pm PST.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

World of Tanks: The art of hiding and camouflage

Some people are really good at hiding, and it's an art to be sure. There are however some tips and tricks, which will make you a better hider, like the top playing tank destroyers out there which garner 4-7 kills a game. This guide will delve into that skill set, and the use of camouflage.

In order to make you a better player, its best to start with some basics. Hiding in a bush or tree, can increase your stealth ability. You can also use a camouflage net, which increases it by 25%. Additionally, when your tank operators get 100% in training, you can have them train up a skill, like repairs or camouflage. While hiding in a bush can help you remain hidden, there are some tricks which will allow you to hide better. Continue reading "World of Tanks: The art of hiding and camouflage"