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WoT: Restructuring the Tech Tree

World of Tanks announced today that they will be restructuring their Tech Trees a bit. Unfortunately, like most games they will not simply refund past experience. However they will be giving one caveat, and that is to tell us how

World of Warcraft: Ultimate Fishing Spot in Cataclysm

I hate fishing. I leveled up my rogue, pre-Cataclysm 1-450 in a few days. It's boring, makes me want to fall asleep. However, with the release of Cataclysm, some very profitable fishing locations have opened up. Ones which can take

Rift: Choosing the right class for your playstyle

There are many classes from which players can pick and develop a character in the Rift game. It is important to know what your options are before starting a character so you know what to work on once you start

Rift: Rogue PvP Nuke trick

This is a little trick, which will help you to nuke an enemy. It requires the use of 3 abilities from the Assassin and Saboteur soul trees. It will allow you to attack an enemy, while they are unable to

World of Tanks: Druid Mod

Druid Mod, isn't anything that I would expect a druid in any other game to have. What it does, is color the background of the tanks on your team and on the other team on the leaderboard. It also adds

VIP Guides Updates for WoW and Rift

VIP Members will be able to download the latest updates for Zygor's, Dugi's, and Xerxes' leveling guides for WoW and Rift. If you like these guides, please consider purchasing them. Purchasing these guides support the authors as well as brings

Starcraft 2: Terran Strategies and Tactics

Playing with the Terran in Starcraft 2 can be interesting, but very difficult. Here are some of the more robust rushes and tactics for your games, as you play with the Terrans.

World of Tanks: Crew Guide

Tanks are machines. Armor, weapons, speed... all of it means nothing if your tank doesn't have well trained and experienced crew members operating it. In World of Tanks the experience of your crew will determine how far you can see

Lotro Lookout: The Portable Edition

Well, although personal health issues and the death of my pc, has kind of kept me 'off me' game lately (on a friends laptop now) are a few things found at the forums about speeding things up for those on

Starcraft 2: Three Essential Tips, to get to Diamond League

StarCraft 2 is an extremely competitive game, a game where it will not only take up a lot of your time and effort but also a lot of learning to really truly master. For a new player to StarCraft 2

Rift: Taugrim’s Guide to Riftblade Warrior PVP Mechanics

Taugrim wrote a free guide, which will teach you the mechanics and how-to to running a Warrior -Riftblade. It's a highly recommended read, and will go over Mechanics, Resources, Damage, Crowd Control (CC), Mitigation, Avoidance, CC-Counter Mechanics, Blade and Avatar, Riftblade

Runes of Magic: Disconnection/PvP Speed Game Hack

This isn't so much of a game hack, but rather a speed hack. If used it also has the side effect of causing others to disconnect, or to freeze as though heavily lagging. No, this isn't Cheat Engine, instead it's

Rift Video: Taugrim teaches Strafing, Movement, and Keybindings

This is a video by Taugrim, which explains how to strafe in combat, setting up your keybindings, as well as movement. It will allow you to better control your opponent in PvP, as well as to kite mobs, keeping maximum

World of Warcraft: Cheap Enchantments for Massive Gold

There are a few enchantments, that can be made for just a few gold, and yet will usually sell (with a bit of encouragement), for a lot more, sometimes 50x what the cost was. These enchantments are all level 1

Evony: Earn Free Cents Trick

Do you want to earn Free Cents In Evony? Learn how to get the edge on the competition in one of the worlds most popular browser games, Evony. You won't need to follow any out of game tasks, nor follow

Rift: A guide for those who don’t know the basics

A friend of mine, who played StarWars Galaxy, has been playing Rift. He calls me up every few days to ask about something. Something that I take for granted usually. Today, he was asking about the Auction House... and how

Evony: Tips for Building Heroes Super Fast

Here are a couple tips which can be used to raise your heroes experience through the roof, within 24 hours. Watch the video below to learn how to raise a political hero's experience 20+ levels within 24 hours.

Rift: The Melee and Ranged Sweet Spot – Use them both

For those who are both melee and ranged, but can't use a ranged ability when the mob is on them, this little trick will bypass that limitation. It's a trick I like to call the Sweet Spot. It's a spot

LOTRO: Gold Farming Spot

Easy gold, can be attained in the Barrows near Bree, with this gold farming spot. Perfect for those who can farm level 20 Signatures, solo. Gather 750s in less then 1 hour, plus some other loot which can be sold

Starcraft 2: All-In Marine Cheese Build Order & Counters

The All-In Marine Cheese Build Order relies upon your ability to flood the enemy base with almost endless streams of marines. Its viable against all races, and can offer decisive and speedy victories if carried out properly. The build is even

Rift: Free to use Leveling & Anti-AFK bots

If you are familiar with Angel bot, for Aion, then you will already be familiar with the developers of this new Rift bot. While it's in beta, it's free to use, for anyone.  Currently this Rift bot supports pre-attack (buffs/debuffs),