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SC2: How To Stop Early Game Rushes

Early rushes can come in a only a few forms and fashions, but they're all based on the same tactic – to distract and set you back as much as possible before you have the chance to build any army

Lotro FYI-> Lotteries Suspended Until Further Notice Due to the complexities of merging the EU and NA service, we will be suspending the LOTRO Lotteries until we have completed the migration and deem the servers to be stable. As the migration means we will be adding

EVE Online: Configuring the Client for PvP

Rule number 1 for life in 0.0 and PvP combat is that lag kills. Your graphics settings might look cool, but if these settings cause your client to lag when 10 hostiles land on grid and a battle starts, you're

USA News: Anti-Piracy Censorship Bill Passes Senate

The controversial PROTECT IP Act unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today. When the PROTECT IP Act becomes law U.S. authorities and copyright holders will have the power to seize domains, block websites and censor search engines to prevent copyright

WoW: Patch 4.2 News for Valor Points

Here's just a bit of World of Warcraft patch 4.2 news, which you should know, if you collect valor points for gear. It seems that all valor points will be converted to justice points, on patch 4.2. So use or

Rift: Leveling Exploit – 5k xp every 3 seconds

I found a leveling exploit, which will allow you to gain around 5k experience, every 3 seconds. This is great for low levels. Even better for a high level, wanting to level an alt.

Rift: High Kill Count with 31 point Assassin, in PvP

I happened to recently be playing around with my warrior in PvP, when I came up with a way to get a high kill count, without actually engaging the enemy that much. Only problem is, you need a rogue to

Station Cash triple redemption weekend

Hey folks, if you don't already know it, this is a triple Station Cash redemption weekend. What this means, is that if you buy 1500 Station cash, you get 4500 Station cash. So Games which normally cost $40, cost $13.50

SC2: Why we Scout in all stages of the game

If you ever feel like you're in the dark and just waiting to get steamrolled by something you're not expecting, be sure to read this guide. Early game scouting is of utmost importance because you can see if your opponent

WoW Gold Tip: Patch 4.2 gold tip, horde these items

Here's another patch 4.2 gold tip, on an item or set of items which you should horde for the next big patch. This info is based on PTR patch notes as well as data mining, so heed the information well,

Rift Question – PvP Favor – I need your help

Hey guys, this time, I need your help. I just do not understand how I managed to get the top amount of favor in a match. I understand the basics, get as many kills/damaging attacks on others, pick up a

Runes of Magic: Guild Quit Trick – remove 1 hour timer

This is a simple trick which will allow you to remove the 1 hour timer that prevents you from joining another guild after you quit the old one.

WoW: Farming Mr. Pinchy guide

I went to Terrokar Forest to fish up a PITA (pain in the arse) that has plagued me for some time. The dreaded and infamous Mr. Pinchy. Follow my advice and you will be picking up this little pincher in no

Free Download – WinX DVD Ripper – Offer Expires May 31

Credit goes to Tom Riddle for this find... Now through May 31st, you can download and install a legal copy of WinX DVD Ripper. Simply follow the link below, get the program, install it, and use the provided Serial #

Rift: Apothecary’s trick – Don’t Make Potions for Daily Quest

It's annoying to know that you have to waste herbs on potions which you could sell or use, to give away for daily quests. Worse yet, the cost to buy the herbs is usually costly, sometimes VERY costly. There is

Rift: PvP Gimp Trick

While we cannot pretend to be someone we aren't, like a cleric can't pretend to be a mage, we can pretend to be weaker then we actually are. This trick will fool your enemies into thinking you are an easy

WoW Gold Tip: Expect Ore Market Crash in 4.2

According to and their new article the new vendor price for uncut green gems has been changed to 50s. I can definitely see the casual jewelcrafters panicking and possibly leaving the market alone for quite some time. The ore

Rift: Plat making tip

One thing which I recently found that has the potential to make a bit of Plat, is to use the old adage of "buy low, sell high". What does that mean? It means we find items we expect to go

FFXIV Fish Bot

Please not this is a macro, and you will need to download and install AutoIt. This is an uncompiled script so you know there are no nasty things within it. Please copy the script below and then save in the

Rift News: Rift has announced Free Character Transfers

Trion will be adding free server transfers in the next month or so (as seen in the announcement below). I see some huge Plat making opportunities as well as some scary stuff which could come down the line. If you

Rift: A Rogue’s easy way to great rewards in Rift Events

A great trick to never gain aggro, yet to easily gain great rewards in Rift events. There are actually 2 different methods, one with bard and one with saboteur.