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Rift: OP Chloromancer Warlock Mage PvP Build

The point of this Chloromancer / Warlock build is to do mediocre burst damage, with high sustained damage over time, high healing, as well as survivability. While it is well known that Necromancer / Warlock is the best PVE build

Aika Online Overview – Links, Videos, Maps, Review, Synopsis

What is Aika Online? We start with a brief synopsis, then bring you other information you might need to research this game, and possibly decide to play it. Includes beginner guides.

Aika Online: Weapon and Armor Upgrade Overview

Reinforcing equipment is the act of upgrading it's stats. With each upgrade, you will gain a upgrade in attack power for weapons, and defense for armors. To reinforce items, you must visit the Alchemist in town.