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EVE: Courier Scams – What to watch out for… or try

Courier Scams This is a pretty hard topic to address.  I am not sure if this should be a warning or how to guide, but knowing eve players... This will be a how to guide. The point of these is

Diablo 3: Beta – Coming Soon? Get the Facts

There has been speculation as to when we should expect Blizzard Entertainment to announce when they shall begin the Diablo 3 closed beta. I'm sure a lot of people view the Diablo 3 posts on a regular basis, but if

Rift: Gildstone Deposit Exploits

There is a type of Earth Rift that appears frequently in Shimmersand and sometimes in other places. With this rift comes an odd rock called a Gildstone Deposit. Believe it or not, there is an easy way to exploit these