Daily Archives: 21 June 2011

LOTRO: Stat Updates Coming for Isengard

I’m not really sure how to start this, Graalx2 released quite the bombshell on the community today as he posted a new Developer Diary on all the upcoming stat changes with Isengard. First let’s hop into what’s changing: Cap Changes Base

LOTRO: Summer Festival 2011 Starts Today

Today is the official kick off of summer and the start of the in-game summer festival for The Lord of the Rings Online. There’s plenty to do and see in this festival such as Hobbit and Dwarf races and lots of

WoW: Complete Guide to making GOLD with the Darkmoon Fair

The Darkmoon Fair (DMF) is a very under-used event in the gold-makers calender but can also be one of the most profitable. It is held for a week, every month, on the first week. It takes 3 days to set up

Rift: So you’ve decided to switch servers…

As we all know, free server transfers are going live on Wednesday, June 22. Supposedly there will be an option to change servers in-game. So which server do you goto? Do you just ask a buddy which server he's on,