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SC2: Protoss vs Terran – Strategies Against Every Combo

If you're struggling in PvT you're not alone! Terran has some nasty units that can rip through Protoss, especially Gateway units. But Protoss does have some very powerful units at your disposal that will help you pull off a win, you just have to know

StarWars: The Old Republic – E3 2011 Game Trailer Video

While I would like to say I love this video, and am going to rush out and buy it, the game looked a lot like other games, just reskinned. Mounts are skinned to look like vehicles. Casting is like casting

Lotro: Advanced Fellowship Assisted Heal Bot

This Advanced Fellowship Assisted Heal Bot script performs a wide variety of functions. Its main use is to follow you around and heal you while you fight. This allows you to make your own groups and level easily. Complete list