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StarWars Galaxy Ending December 15th, 2011

With the future release of StarWars: The Old Republic, Lucas Arts, has pulled their license from SOE. As such SWG, will end on December 15th. There will be no free-to-play version of the game, it will simply end. What does

Minecraft: How to make a Cube of Destruction game hack

A cube of destruction is actually a n*n*n cube of tnt, that has been frozen on the TNT state and will never change back to air until the JVM changes block addresses. What does this mean? It means we can

Five indie games for five bucks

I like my cnet cheapskate articles, today they had some cheap games http://news.cnet.com/8301-13845_3-20074044-58/get-five-great-indie-games-pc-for-$5/?tag=nl.e796 five for $5.00 PC Indie Games www.buygamesnotsocks.com

LOTRO: End Game Accessories List

A Compiled List of end-game accessories which can be acquired for your characters and where to get them or even who (or what) to kill. Most of the information below is from the following thread on the forums –Best in Slot Discussion