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WoW Gold Tip: Flipping Greater Planar Essences for double Profit

While poking around wowhead trying to find an item that is cheap to craft I found a number of items that can be bought from the AH and disenchanted to sell for a profit. Any of the below item will

About Fallen Earth – Updated Info

hmm I first heard about this game in 2009, and (of course) did an info page on it…. updated it just a touch with gameplay videos, maps and db’s (this game seems to have more db’s than any of the

Farmville: Secret about adding Horses

Many Farmville enthusiasts want to add horses to their farms. If you are one of them, then please read this Farmville tip so you don’t make the same mistakes as some of your neighbors. The thing with horses is they

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms – Free extra hero or town

While you might think that the only way to get a another town or another hero, past the free ones is to either wait 42 days or pay for a subscription in Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms, that's not quite

WoW: How to solo Heroic Vortex Pinnacle video

I misstated... What I meant to say was how to multibox Heroic Vortex Pinnacle, which in itself is actually a solo method. This is a video of a guy multiboxing Heroic Vortex Pinnacle, with 5 shamans. I suggest you view it full-screen, so

Rift: AutoHotKey Macro – Auto-Spam keys

How many times have you had to repeatedly, spammed a key over and over and over... and over and... etc.? I know taking down a boss, can be killer on the hands and fingers, enough to make them sore. This

Are these fun games? Battlefield & Need for Speed Undercover

I get the Cnet Cheapskate emails and have posted several free things, and cheap things here... the latest game related stuff had these games (direct download) for $4.99 till July 31st... has anyone played them? even though I am

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms – Beginners advice

I was actually hoping to play the other HOMM Online game, but thats in closed beta, and is only available for our asian counterparts. However after signing up for that game, and finding I couldn't log in to that one,

Rift: Bard Motif Buff Macro in Auto Hot Key

This is a script, which will allow you to press a key combo to automatically cast a group of buffs. Perfect for Bards to cast/re-cast motifs, or any other class which has to periodically cast spells over an over to

Fraps Full Version Download

How many times have you wished you didn't have that annoying advertisement on the bottom of your video, which states that you are using the free version of Fraps? How many times have you tried alternative programs which were "free"

WoW: Level Enchanting with cheap Infinite Dust – or sell for profit

I recently leveled enchanting on an alt character and reached a point where Infinite Dust was simply too expensive to buy from the AH. So, what are some cheap ways to obtain some cheap infinite dust? Shuffling eternals turned out

Fallen Earth Going Free2Play – transition announcement

First off, let me start by saying I liked this game, as a game overall. However I actually don't like games which are simply grind games. A grind game, is a game where it's faster to level by grinding out

Minecraft Tool: INVedit – edit your inventory

INVedit is the successor of NBTedit. With it you can edit your inventory both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, if you're the server host. Features: Loads blocks from the enclosed files (items.txt and the .pngs). Groups for faster access of individual blocks. Search

Starcraft Universe MMO Gameplay Trailer

There have been rumors for a long time about an MMO based off of Starcraft. The fact that someone managed to mod SC2 Wings of Liberty into an MMO, stunned everyone back in January 2011 (blizzard even briefly sent take

Rift: How to solo groups of mobs without an AoE attack trick

If you dont already have an OP or AoE build which can solo groups, then you need to use this little trick which will allow you to pull one mob to fight, out of a group of 3 or more.

Recent Downtime

I would like to apologize for the recent downtime. I have been using a plugin called Supercache in order to speed your experience up. It appears that if the site has a hiccup, then it caches that too. Supercache has been deactivated

Rift: Make your own Custom UI, detailed instructions

Change your layout, to your specs. Use this guide to set your action bars, raid view, or any other UI items including maps and targets to your own specifications. First off lets check out the options menu. The main ones

WoW: HonorBuddy sent cease and desist notice

Blizzard is now trying to attack the wow bot makers over in europe. The owners of honorbuddy where contacted by blizzard that said they needed to close down immediately to which honor buddy declined. Blizzard is now going after them

WoW: Have you seen Alto’s Goldish Guide?

What can I say about this guide? Oooo I know! It's the same gold guide that every other gold guide puts out. They tell you which addons to use, how to use the Undermine Journal, and... thats about it, other

WoW: 4000 Gold in 20 Mins with Blacksmithing/Enchanting

Heavenly Shards are one of the most needed items currently, yet their supply is a lot more limited now! Lately these shards have been selling for about 90-100g, or even more.  So lets find a use for that cheap ore! Utilizing

Age of Empires Online: Client Side Cheat – Super Cheap Resources

This AoE Online cheat is active during regular quests and Player Vs. Player matches (PVP). Its simple and only requires the editing of a single file using Notepad. There are a number of things you can change/cheat using this method – but