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SWTOR: Sith Warrior known Facts

Sith Warrior   The sith warrior, is similar to the Jedi Knight, yet on the Dark side of the Force. They have similar skills to the Jedi, but use Rage Points, to use it's skills. They use a lightsaber for

SWTOR: Survey Emails re: Beta Testing received today

Did you get one? I sure did. I even tried to click on the thing. Searched my email... and my spam box for my elusive invite I missed. Also checked to see if I got an upgraded account at the

Battle Pirates: a Salute to Varlin!

This is a salute to Varlin, who decided to attack my base. He wiped 41% of my buildings, stole 40k in resources, and provided me with a protection bubble which might have lasted for a few days, if I hadn't

Battle Pirates: Hiding Resources from superior forces

This might come as a shock, but I found a way to hide resources. It isn't perfect, and there seems to be an exchange rate in it, but utilizing this method, you will be able to hide resources from that enemy who

WoW Gold Tip: Farming the Burning Crusades Meats for gold

Farming meat for cooking and achievements, can be very profitable, especially the ones from the Burning Crusades expansion. The ones we will be concentrating on today are Serpent Flesh, Buzzard Meat, Chunk o' Basilisk, Clefthoof Meat, Raptor Ribs, Talbuk Venison, and

Battle Pirates: Bragging Rights – 200% Cargo Capacity

They offer on Battle Pirates to allow you to brag to Facebook friends and family, and while I would like to brag, I don't want to do it via Facebook. You see I have one friend who also plays Battle

Battle Pirates: 15-20 minute repair time in 30 seconds, for free cheat

This is an cheat that I found while waiting around for my fleets to recover from being attacked. I was really surprised that it worked, and best of all it it's free. So here's how to cut a 15-20 minute

WoW: Making gold, by crashing the market

This one might seem a bit strange, but it's a method which can be used to make quite a bit of gold in WoW, as well as other games which have free market trading via the Auction House, Trading Post,

Battle Pirates: How to farm Draconian Tech Blueprints while afk

Battle Pirates introduced a new tech, that has to be farmed off of Draconian battles. Now to do this, you have to repeatedly attack bases and derelict Draconian ships. As it turns out, there is a way to farm the

SWTOR: Trooper Fact Sheet and videos

info collected by the community, compiled by Narboon Trooper  "Cutting-edge Special Forces ... Advanced strike teams ... comprised of only the most talented and disciplined soldiers—a new breed of elite Republic Troopers." “If you’re a player that just wants to

StarWars The Old Republic Release Date Announced

It's official, the release date for SWTOR has been set as December 20th, 2011. I guess this means that they feel either that most of the bugs have been worked out, or that they can get them done in time

Battle Pirates: Why you should NEVER guard your base

I'm not talking about a good defense in your design of your base. No, what I mean when I say that you should never guard your base, is the option to set your ship up, outside your base defending it,

Diablo 3: Release Date Announcement

This isn't a release date, in the normal sense. No, this is a push back, from the original belief that Diablo 3, would be released at the end of this year. It could be due to quality control issues (too

EQ2 Predator Vision + Feather Fall game hack

Perhaps you recall scenes from Predator movies where they flip through different types of vision? This simple trainer let's you do that in EQ2!  As an added bonus I've also granted the ability to enable feather fall, long jumping or

Battle Pirates: Trojan Horse Fleet Trick

Lately, I have found myself mining some nodes, only to have my fleet attacked. As someone who wants to kill as many enemies as possible, I have found this little Trojan Horse trick, which will trick the enemy into thinking

WoW Gold Tip: Brewfest is here again!

Brewfest is here again and there is more to fill up with than the brew.  Brewfest is a great time to fill up your mug with some extra xp and gold.   All levels can participate in the fun events being

Battle Pirates: The importance of scouting

In any game with a hidden map, it's somewhat fun to go exploring to see what new adventure might be awaiting you. In the case of Battle Pirates, it's a necessity to explore those regions.

LOTRO: Pre RoI Stats – Stats/Virtues Before and After RoI

With the release of RoI seems your toon might have some changes coming, the end of the stat cap, some deeds you have completed might have changed the virtue that was the reward... if you want to record your char's

Diablo 3: Warning – Don’t horde Rare or Legendary items

It's come to our attention that Rare and Legendary items are common. These items which should be extremely valuable, are dropping off of mobs like crazy, causing the gold auction house to become flooded with these babies. What's this mean

About Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates Game synopsis from: Battle Pirates is a Facebook game that gives you a base to build and warships to create. Build defenses, walls, and outfit your ships with different weapons and armor as you complete quests or

Battle Pirates: Mission Log Book Secret

Tom Riddle is gonna kill me for posting this, I am sure. You see, he researches most of the games I post tips and tricks for. Anyways, on the advice of a friend, I decided to check out Facebook's Battle