Daily Archives: 4 September 2011

Diablo 3 FAQ

Hopefully we will get more people asking other questions, which we can add to this FAQ, but for now, this is what we have. If you have a question, ask in the comments and we will try to find an

Just for Funsies II

The second installment of some of my favorite most addicting games, please feel free to comment with your own! If you missed the first post see: http://mmoexploiters.com/from-the-desk-of/just-for-funsies/ These are fairly quick games to occupy yourself while waiting for that group/raid

Rift to add Player Housing and a New Zone

In a recent interview, Trion announced that they were looking to have player housing available to players by next year.  While i would like to say that the new zone is news, I would actually say the bigger news is