Daily Archives: 11 September 2011

Rift: Amazingly Rare Amazing Artifact of Amazing Rarity

Have you seen this? Amazingly Rare Amazing Artifact of Amazing Rarity You get one of these babies when you hit 300 artifact collections turned in. Amazingly (no pun intended), this basically drops a little blue artifact down on the ground that

Runes of Magic: New Diamond Recharge System

If you haven't heard about it, then you probably don't play the game, right? As it turns out, I got this email telling me about this great new recharge system, where I could save even more money, if I bought

Rift: Complete Artificer 300 Leveling Guide

An Artificer can make rings, necklaces, totems, tomes, wands and staves (2h staff). Foraging and Mining will go best with Artificing. We recommend you salvage some of the items you make that have bars of ore in them for a chance of returned bars of